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As we head toward the peak of Northern Lights season in Iceland, travelers may be wondering where to go for the best views of this otherworldly wonder. The clearest skies will be away from the Reykjavík area and downtown Akureyri, Iceland’s most highly populated metro areas. With that in mind, the following hotels give you some of the best chances to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. 

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Photo courtesy of ION Adventure Hotel

ION Adventure Hotel

Located near the geothermal area Nesjavellir, ION Adventure Hotel was built for Northern Lights hunters. Most of the Northern Lights tours that leave from Reykjavík head over toward this area anyway, so this is a pretty great place to have as a home base. Decorated with pops of Icelandic charm, expect all of the perks and convenience of a 4-star property. Dine at Silfra, the on-site restaurant named after one of the fissures between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Also, make sure to indulge in a spa treatment at Lava Spa, the perfect way to recover from those late, chilly nights spent outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Siglo Hotel

Siglo Hotel

One of the northernmost parts of Iceland (and one of our favorites) is the beautiful village of Siglufjörður, or Sigló for short. This town is bright and colorful by day, quiet and dark by night. It’s a perfect spot to watch the Northern Lights, especially if you head down to the bottom of the fjord to get a nice view toward the Arctic Ocean. During your stay, book in with Siglo Hotel, a relatively new property that was designed to fit in with the maritime vibe of the older fishing buildings. Like any property in Iceland, Siglo Hotel has a spa and hot tub that will be welcome after spending time outside. This hotel is also close to great skiing, so if you would like to ski by day and hunt the lights by night, this is your spot.

Photo courtesy of Holt Inn

Holt Inn

This property might be a little difficult to access, but if you’re up for an epic adventure and generally have good luck, book your stay with Holt Inn. Getting to the Westfjords region of Iceland takes some doing because most of the roads zig-zag and backtrack up and down the deep fjords. When the roads aren’t winding around the fjords, they are crossing mountain tundra passes that retain snow well into the summer months. Book a 4×4 vehicle, cross your fingers for good weather, and head up to Holt Inn. Located in Holt near the small village of Flateyri, this spot is perfect for a true mountain getaway. You won’t be too far from civilization as the Westfjords “capital” of Ísafjörður is located just through the tunnel. However, it sure will feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere when the lights come out to play. This is a simple, 3-star property with basic amenities and service, but it does come with free Wi-Fi and a free buffet breakfast for refueling after a long night.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Laki

Hotel Laki

Located within close proximity to Europe’s largest ice cap Vatnajökull, Hotel Laki is beautiful in the golden light of a winter day, as well as by night. The property is located near the town of Kirkjubæjarklauster (Klauster for short), which is tucked inside an old lava field called Eldhraun. It’s not too far from the Skaftafell Visitor Center at Vatnajökull National Park, so if the weather is favorable, it would be worth it to visit the park. In fact, you could set up your camera down there for some night shots of the Lights dancing over the ice. Then, head back to Hotel Laki for some chill time before heading out again.

Are you planning to chase the Northern Lights this season? Tell us where you’re headed and how you’re preparing!

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