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Hotel Deals for California
Red Roof Inn & Suites California, MD - NAVAIR
Mar 29 - Mar 29, 2020
per night from
$ 80
$ 56

Because all dogs deserve to be spoiled, Orbitz teamed up with dog-walking, sitting and boarding service Rover, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, and natural pet store Healthy Spot to treat a handful of adoptable pooches from the SPCA Los Angeles to a lavish spa day. What happened next was truly un-fur-gettable. From all of us at Orbitz, Happy National Spoil Your Dog Day to you and your best friend!

All photos by Monica Pedraja

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Photo by Monica Pedraja

Imagine starting your day at the Fairmont. Not bad, right?


Some of these guys and gals were a little hesitant at first. But then…


…we groomed them


…fed them


…walked them


…played with them

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…showered them with goodies


…and treated them like the kings and queens they are.


They had a ball!


And returned the favor with smiles…


…lots of goofing around


…and behaving like absolute ladies and gentleman!


Did we mention that each one of these adorable dogs is adoptable?


Meet these dogs, and others just like them, at the SPCA Los Angeles or at a shelter near you.


And don’t forget to spoil your dog rotten today and every day!


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