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Red Roof Inn & Suites California, MD - NAVAIR
Apr 06 - Apr 06, 2020
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When you’re on island time, overlooking a grand mountain range or touring a European city, you’ve already taken “treating yourself” to a new level. But before hopping that flight home, consider treating detoxing your travels with a relaxing spa treatment unlike any other. Have your Zen while expanding horizons with these super-unique spa treatments.

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Photo courtesy of the Red Mountain Resort

Enjoy good vibrations
Red Mountain Resort: St. George, UT
Forget kneading and chopping, this treatment adds music to your spa day. Playing off of your senses, a therapist plays Himalayan singing bowls on and around your body. Apparently, these audible sounds echo throughout your mind, creating soft vibrations to ripple from your head to your toe, encouraging you to chill the F out. Thanks to the soft noises, you’ll enter a state of serenity and relaxation, and your balance will be improved, too. With a foot soak and scrub to start, along with a cup of tea to begin the treatment, this sounds like music to our ears.

Float under the moon—kind of
Barcelo Maya Palace: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Astrology and psychic mediums might illicit an eye roll (we hear ya’), but according to many ancient populations, the solar system—especially the moon—can have a major impact on our body’s natural rhythms and circulation. At Barcelo Maya Palace, try the all-star (get it?) Lunar Spa experience, where floating under the moon and the stars is an option. Well, not technically the stars, but rather a flotation treatment room for couples or singles designed to simulate the Mayan night sky with twinkling stars. Each pod is filled with salt-water, which helps you feel like you’re floating, causing your brain to release endorphins. It’s said an hour inside this tank is the equivalent to nearly five hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. After an evening drinking until dawn with the local tequila, this might be a nice idea, Sparky.

Get an espresso shot—on your body
Loews Hotel 100 Seattle: Seattle, WA
Considering Starbucks originated in Seattle, it’s probably no surprise that a treatment in this West Coast town would be java focused. At the Spaahh at the Lowes Hotel 100, your whole body can be exfoliated with an espresso body scrub. Combined notes of Indian tobacco, Sarsaparilla, volcanic Pumice and Coffee Arabica, leave guests re-energized with smoother skin (without the caffeine jitters).

Photo courtesy of NIZUC

Pour hot oil on your head
NIZUC Resort & Spa: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Remember when you were a little kiddo and lathered your body with oil, in hopes of soaking up as much sun as possible? Though you’ve (hopefully) traded that dangerous silky stuff for sunscreen, you can still receive oil’s healthier benefits when you sign up for the Maya Cacao Treatment. Based on the ancient roots of the earliest Mayan communities, it’s said this oily excursion will improve mood and restore muscles, all because cacao was the food of the Gods. How does this slip-and-slide work? Enjoy a nice massage with the purest cacao and end with a powerful oil pour right to your forehead, a technique that’s been used for centuries. Though we’re sure it’s an interesting—and aromatic indulgence—might we suggest a shower afterward?

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Enjoy a Japanese-fermentation ritual—in California
Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary: Freestone, CA
Not sure what a Japanese-fermentation ritual is? You don’t have to hop an overnight flight to Osaka to find out. This spa-centric sanctuary is the only one to offer this particular ancient routine in North America—and last time we checked a trip to California was cheaper than Asia. How does this bathing process work? Simple (kind of): Submerge yourself in a mixture of soft and fragrant ground cedar and rice bran that have living enzymes. This combination is said to improve metabolism, and the smell can help improve circulation while relieving joint and muscle pain. Japanese history says you’ll leave exuding a radiant glow.

Cocoa (dark chocolate) face and body mask in a bowl close up

Cover yourself in chocolate
Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel: Merida, Mexico
When you bite into a truly mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake, you might think it’s so damn amazing, you wish you could take a bath in it. Well, now you can! At least, somewhat anyway. When you take the signature Rosas & Xocolate experience at this hotel of the same name, you’ll be covered in two thin layers of chocolate and cacao (you may want to bring a pretzel to scoop some goodness off your tummy mid-way through). Just make sure to grab a bite before your massage therapist invites you to the steam bath, where the gooey-goodness melts the chocolate away, leaving your skin smooth—and of course, chocolatey-smelling.

Bathe in warm red wine
Hacienda El Carmen: Mercado, Mexicano
Depending on how many useless meetings you have to power through or how many angry emails from your boss you have to bite your tongue about, you may require one—or ten—glasses of wine. How about an entire bath? At Hacienda El Carmen, book the Wine Therapy soak where guests legit bathe in a bathtub of 100-degree cabernet sauvignon for 30 minutes. Upgrade your experience to include a honey-and-wine wrap, along with a volcanic clay and merlot exfoliation, too. It might not be the most sanitary choice to taste the wine while you’re relaxing, but if you can’t resist the divine temptation, your secret is safe with us.

Photo courtesy of the Pangkor Laut Resort

Pour buttermilk all over your body
Pangkor Laut Resort: Malaysia
Those who are lactose intolerant may struggle with resisting a bit of milk in their coffee or a scoop of gelato while touring Europe. But at this Malaysian resort, it will be poured all over your body rather than in it. The Thakra Dhara treatment begins with medicated buttermilk poured in a continuous stream on your forehead, helping to calm you down and relieve sleeplessness, stress and more. Continue with the Navarakizhi where your body will be rubbed with hot, wrapped bundles of local Navara rice cooked in an herbal milk concoction. This is said to improve and strengthen muscles, while removing toxins. Legend has it that this treatment was used on warriors in ancient times—and for those who wanted to live long, dairy-filled lives.

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