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Bianca Del Rio is a woman on the go, zipping first from her native New Orleans to the New York club scene and more recently from the small screen (as RuPaul’s Drag Race season six winner) to the big screen (in the feature film Hurricane Bianca). The insult drag comic is blisteringly funny in person, including on the set of a shoot for the latest Orbitz commercial where she paused to answer our most burning travel questions…

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Bianca Del Rio, Drag Race

Bianca Del Rio | Photo by Magnus Hastings

What is your hometown and why should we visit?
Bianca Del Rio New Orleans, Louisiana and you should visit because the bars are open 24 hours and you can carry your drink on the street.

New York and Los Angeles are rival cities. What is one thing each does better than the other?
I’ve lived in both. Things I love about New York is the fact that I can walk anywhere and it’s convenient, so I hate that about Los Angeles. But then I also like my space. For the amount of money that I spend in Los Angeles you get a box in New York City. So, yeah. I’m greedy. I like space and I like money. But I get Botox in both places.

Window, middle or aisle seat on an airplane and why?
BDR I don’t care as long as it’s Business.

You are going to take a road trip with three celebrities. Where do you go and who are those three celebrities?
BDR I’d have to say Aretha Franklin and Whoopie Goldberg because I know they both own a bus and that’s the only way they travel, and then the third person [would be] just to make it fun. Who’s still alive that’s entertaining? Suzanne Summers because she could use the work. We would go to Branson, Missouri.

If you were to leave your current occupation for a career in travel, would you choose to be a flight attendant, Uber/taxi driver or hotel concierge?
BDR I’d have to say hotel concierge because they always give horrible directions, they never know where they’re going…and they just lie to people so it would be perfect for me.

What is one thing you could never travel without?
I would have to say tampons.

You’re hiking in Yosemite and you encounter a dangerous bear. Who wins that fight?
What kind of bear is going to be in Yosemite? Bears don’t watch Drag Race unless we have food or drink tickets.

Fill in the blank. My idea of a perfect beach vacation is…
Puerto Vallarta because I can have elective surgery while I’m there.

What’s a destination that you thought would be awful, but you actually loved it?
BDR I was concerned about Florida because they can’t vote, but I was well received.

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If you could be rewarded with any travel upgrade, what would it be?
BDR I got to go in First Class. I had a friend recently that was sitting in coach and she felt really bad because she wasn’t in First Class so I sent all of my drinks to the back, and I sent her my robe; I sent her my sunglasses. She thought I was a total b**** because there’s no room in coach so First Class is good. And I like getting on the plane early and watching everybody stare at you as they go to the cheap seats.

Fill in the blank: My friends like traveling with me because…
BDR My friends like traveling with me because sometimes there’s perks. Sometimes a TSA agent knows me which is really kind of nice. But there’s definitely disappointment when I wear a turban because I get stopped and frisked a lot. And I usually pick up the tab…on the free drinks in First Class.

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