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A person’s out of office reply says a lot about them. Chances are you’ve done a little email bragging about your vacation. It’s okay! You’re not alone.

Orbitz presents Out of Office Theater, a video series.


Orbitz presents Out of Office Theater

“The Adventure Junkie.”

Starting Monday, I’m on the move again as I finally summit Everest with only a small backpack of rations and my trusted Sherpa, Ang Lhak Pa.

When will I return? I do not know. But replying to your email will be just as much of a rush as the time I wrestled a bull shark off the coast of South Africa.

The mountain calls,


Get out of the office


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Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie is a Chicago-based travel and entertainment writer. Sprouting from Columbus, Ohio, she spent two years in New York City sharpening her wit with improv comedy and mastering the blank subway stare. She keeps her figure with a steady diet of travel and tacos.

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